Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Where To Publish

There are many sites on the web where writers may publish their work. The two best known of these are Helium and Associated Content. Both pay royalties and in some cases upfront payments are available.

I much prefer Helium and it is here that I would recommend starting. Income is generated on a pay per view basis and is related topic and how well an article rates. The customer service is excellent and supportive its members.

There has never been a better time to start with helium as they are currently running a promotion whereby qualified writers are given an upfront payment for all articles in addition to royalty payments.

In addition to this, there are publishers featured on site requesting specific titles, often for quite lucrative sums. Many writers have also been offered regular work by publishers browsing the site.

Associated Content also sometimes make upfront payments available, however royalties are paid at a rate of only $0.0015. The author retains copyright with Helium and the same applies at AC, providing you submit as non-exclusive. I would recommend publishing at Helium first and then adding your work to AC at a later date.

Use the links below to visit the sites:

Join Associated Content
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CherylT said...

I think they are both good places to earn and get exposure, although writers should probably start with just one to see whether it is worth the input of time. Too much promotion can distract from content...and content is king, as they say. Writers may also want to join online groups to hone skills and obtain useful criticism.

Anonymous said...

Man! What a piece of info...dropped like a thousand pound bombshell.. but I wonder why hasn't it caught on...

Oregongirl82 said...

I'd never heard of Helium until I found your blog, but I think now I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for the tip.

Donald B. Dousharm said...

Hey Matt,

I said I would comment on your blog. In answer to your shout on digg, I joined Helium after reading your post yesterday and this title came up Alcohol abuse vs. alcoholics: what's the difference? I read your article so I decided to post my own view. Helium is very cool. I hope to write there quite often.

Thanks for the great post!

Matt D. Barnes said...

Thanks for contributing everyone. Donald you knocked my own article off top spot! An excellent piece, congrats!

SandyKay said...

Thanks for the useful link! I'll be reading more articles, for sure!