Friday, 11 January 2008

Some Tips For Writing For The Web

Writing and publishing for the web requires different criteria to other platforms.

Points to note:

1. A web reader is more likely to scan an article rather than read it more thoroughly as they would with a magazine or newspaper article. Use shorter than average paragraphs of no more than two or three sentences. This will aid in maintaining concentration.

2. Try to incorporate 'buzz words' in an opening as this will increase the likelihood of your article featuring in search results. However, do not compromise quality in doing so.

3. White space is beautiful. An article that pleases the eye is more likely to please the mind.

4. Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Research and write articles that will attract an audience.

5. Seek feedback and take heed. Listen, learn and improve.

6. We all make mistakes. Use spellcheck.

7. The last sentence is almost as important as the first. A killer ending can give reason to forgive a whole multitude of preceding sins.

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WFU- Wrting For Us said...

Great tips. Love what you have done with this blog.