Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Fresh Opportunities For Writers

My thanks to all those who have already submitted articles. Some of the previous titles under mystery stories are still available.

Today, I am pleased to present some fresh Helium Marketplace opportunities. As before use the 'submit an article' link below each chosen category to take part. It would be great to see some more of our readers put forward.

Irreverent Downloadable Game Site needs 400-500 word reviews for online video games.

Darkside Arklight 2, Spandex Force, Caribbean Hideaway, Bloodties, Turbo Subs, and King Mania.

Original reviews must include a rating out of 5 and commentary on game play, graphics, creativity, innovation and sound. Free trials are available. Reviews are needed by 02/05/2008. Earn $20 per selected review.

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Publisher: Project Parenting

Deadline: 02/15/08

$16 per selected article

400-600 words

Titles available:

Guide to baby cribs ∙ Car seat buying guide ∙ Best choices in diapers ∙ Timeless costumes for kids ∙ Guide to children’s bedroom furniture ∙ Must-have items for your child’s playroom ∙ The best bedding for your child ∙ Guide to stylish and functional diaper bags ∙ Outfitting your baby from head to toe ∙ Complete your crib with the right crib bedding

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A Boston newspaper needs a 350 word article on the best spots to find pet treats in and around Boston. Focus on the top four spots in Boston to buy interesting and unique pet treats. Cover these topics: top-selling items, price range, and location. Selected articles pay $24 if submitted by 2/15.

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A Boston newspaper needs a 350 word home buyer’s guide for first-time buyers in Boston. The guide should include quotes from a Boston-based realtor; tips to those who currently live in apartments/condos and want to buy their first home; dealing with the high cost of living in Boston; and what are some red flags to look out for. Submit by 02/15 and selected articles will earn $16.

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Best of luck to everyone who takes part, I wish you all every success.

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