Tuesday, 8 January 2008


I wrote an article about what constitutes cheating within a relationship and I was pleased with it. I submitted it for publication and waited to see how it would be rated amongst other articles within a group of similar work.

A couple of days passed and its rating gradually settled into 22nd place of 127 articles in total. I know that's not bad but most of what I have submitted so far seems to have been better received and I was fond of this one.

I decided to look at it again. I concluded that I was happy with the content but that it was perhaps a little lazily written. So, I spent some time polishing it until I was satisfied, re-submitted it and asked specifically for some feedback.

I received some appraisal from a well established writer who was of the impression that the piece was of high calibre and even called it 'profound'. You can imagine my disappointment then to discover that the new improved version had risen to a lofty 21st place!

I would appreciate any and all feedback on this article, follow the link below:


Matt D. Barnes said...

Since writing this, I have received further feedback on this article outling some grammatical errors and flaws. Very humbling.

Matt D. Barnes said...

Finally, this article has started to move! Now a very respectable 9th of 127.

CherylT said...

Matt - you are a truly passionate writer. I like that. You have talent that will blossom into real acclaim. Don't be so concerned about what others think of your writing. If it is good, it will resonate. The rankings at Helium are more of a popularity contest, IMHO. Anyway, I have a constructive critique if you're interested. Please contact me for private response. I'm on MyBlogLog as "Spewker." Take care.