Monday, 4 February 2008

Opportunities Update

Thanks to all those who have made submissions with me so far. Today I am highlighting some opportunies currently available with Constant Content for the first time and also those that are still available with Helium. Use the 'submit an article' link to write to any chosen subject, those of you who are not currently a member with either site will need to take a moment to register their details but may use the same links.

China Travel Articles - specific cities/places

Payment per article $30-40
Word Count 800+

A magazine published for the expat community of Wuxi, China needing city/area guides for that part of the world. Readership is based in China so should not include travel to. Out of the ordinary places preferred.

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10 Common Mistakes To Avoid At An Ebay Auction

Payment $40-50
Word Count 1200

How to succeed with ebay article required centered on mistakes to avoid. Must be unique content.

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Financial Topics Of Interest To Baby Boomers

Payment $40-50
Word Count Flexible/Variable

Financially oriented article targeted toward baby boomers. Specifically interested in the following topics whether it be informational, opinionated, how to etc.

• Retirement income planning
• IRA rollovers/ Rolling over or annuitizing qualified plans
• Nonqualified and qualified plan distributions
• Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
• 1035 Life Insurance Exchanges
• Life insurance – importance of reviews, how it fits into an estate plan, ownership issues, beneficiary issues, etc.
• Life Settlement
• Estate planning (various topics)
• Long term care
• Reverse mortgages
• Home equity lines of credit
• Selecting a financial advisor

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Deadline: 02/14/08

Why the restaurant industry needs web-based marketing and ordering systems ($64)

In 600-800 words discuss why restaurant owners need web-based marketing and ordering systems. Include all sources and interviews. Third person preferred. Audience: Restaurant owners.

How foodies use the Internet ($64)

In 600-800 words discuss how foodies use the Internet (to find recipes, connect with other foodies, rate restaurants, etc.). Third person preferred. Include all sources and interviews. Audience: Foodies and restaurant owners.

How the Internet has influenced cookbooks ($40)

In 400-600 words discuss how the internet has influenced or changed how cookbooks are used? Is the cookbook dead … or evolved? Is the internet the new cookbook? Third person preferred. Include all sources and interviews. Audience: Foodies. Tone: Light, yet smart.

How food practices influence how we relate to one another ($48)

In 500-700 words please discuss how food practices influence how we relate to one another. For example, how does the presentation of food (family style vs. individually plated meals) affect how we relate to others at the table? Include all sources and interviews. Audience: Foodies. Tone: Light, yet smart.

How tipping works ($40)

In 400-600 words discuss the practice of tipping. Is it ever OK to not tip? How are tips shared among wait/cook staff? How are they taxed? Audience: Foodies who have never waited tables. Include all sources and interviews. Tone: Informal and informational.

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Small Business Owners

Deadline: 02/15/08
Word Count: 400 – 600
$16 per selected article

· The small business owner's guide to 401k plans· How private equity can benefit small businesses and start-ups· How investment research can benefit small businesses and start-ups· How a fast loan can be used to support or start a small business· Getting an SBA (Small Business Administration) loan· What you need to know about the SBA (Small Business Administration)· The ins and outs of commercial lending· Factoring 101 for small business owners· Small business owners: How to effectively manage cash flow· Is a merger right for your small business?· How CRM software can benefit your small business· Effective money management for your small business· Small business network management· Project management 101

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Find out the meaning behind these names: Noah, Nicholas, Kaylee, Addison, Mackenzie, Sydney, Taylor, Zoe, Natalie, Zachary, Benjamin, Elsa, Ian, Kenton, James, Christopher, Luke, Maya, Landon, Joseph, Gavin, and Evan.

Articles, 400-600 words in length should include gender, pronunciation, etymology, origin, history, popularity, facts, namesakes, famous persons, and name variants. Write 1 or write 20 articles and receive $20 for each selected article submitted by February 14th.

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