Thursday, 14 February 2008

Opportunities Update 02/14

Thanks to everyone who has made submissions with me so far. These are the latest opportunities available through Constant Content and Helium. Use the 'submit an article' link to write to any topic. Those of you who have not already done so will need to take a few moments to register with the relevant site but all may use the same link.

Top 50 Lists

Payment $100-150
Word Count 500-1000

10-15 articles needed in the genre of gadgets and technology. They need to be catchy, funny and have mass appeal. Suggestions: 50 celebrity voices you would like to have on your SatNav, 50 songs to walk to work with, 50 video games that should never have made it past the planning meeting.

Extra notes: The bottom 40 can be a simple list with a comment, but the top 10 needs to be a little bit more involved. Most importantly: It has to be witty, sharp, and entertaining!

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Resources For Entrepreneurs Trying To Raise Venture Capital

Payment $50-100
Word Count variable

Up to 10 articles required for a venture capital group website. The group is focused on providing seed money for mobile web and online marketing companies. Topics could include business planning (business plan writing), how to get venture capital and general advice within these realms.

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Publisher: Training and Education Solutions
Deadline: 02/20/08

Why Investing in art makes good sense, 750 – 1,000 words, $60 per selected article

Ways for siblings to divide an inheritance, 1,500 -3,500 words, $150 per selected article

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Publisher: Liberty in Homeschooling
Deadline: 02/21/2008
Payment: $24 per selected article
Word count: 700-1000

Homeschool success: Evaluating academic and social development in homeschooled children

Your article should cover each of the following stages:

1) children’s academic and social development during homeschooling years
2) their readiness for college
3) how well they can get into good universities/colleges, citing examples of admissions policies or apparent attitudes toward homeschooled applicants
4) students’ level of success in college
5) and graduating college students’ readiness for the workforce and their careers. In your examination of each of the above stages:
(a) compare or contrast homeschooled students with institutional/non-homeschooled students, and
(b) point out both what can lead to success and what can lead to failure.

Homeschooler to entrepreneur: How home-based education helped prepare successful entrepreneurs

600 – 800 words, $20 per selected article
Write an article about homeschooled children who eventually started their own businesses.
The idea is to examine how home-based education helped prepare successful entrepreneurs for their professional achievements.

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Publisher: Creation
Deadline: 02/22/2008
Word Count: 1500–2000
$56 per selected article


Reflections: What value are you adding to humanity
Never give up: How to keep your dreams alive
How to spot opportunity when you are blinded by crisis
The importance of self-image in the business world
Protecting your business ideas
How networking helps in promoting a start-up business
This too shall pass: How every obstacle hindering your way to success is subject to change
How to unlock your innate potential
Guide to soliciting for business in an unhealthy environment
How to protect your intellectual property rights

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Rio Grande Valley Lifestyle Magazine

$100 per selected article
Deadline: 02/25/2008
1,000 words

Rio Grande Valley: 2008 Spring and summer fashion trends: Discuss fashion trends for spring and summer 2008, including but not limited to using multiple bright colors and bold prints. Describe how a black dress or conservative pastel outfit can be made trendy by adding colorful shoes, scarves, etc. Are there any color combinations or pattern combinations to be avoided for any reason such as body type, skin tone, hair color, or colors that don’t match? Should one be conservative in buying clothes of this type because it’s a trend, or has this type of fashion always been around? Also, discuss bling for 2008.

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The Auspicious Concierge

Due: 02/25/2008
350 – 400 words


Top home improvement features in the luxury home industry ($24 per selected article)

The newest luxuries for updating a kitchen in your second home ($16 per selected article)

Luxury pool trends ($16 per selected article)

Property Managers

Best new destinations for successful year-round properties ($24 per selected article)

Property managers: Top 10 warning signs of potential bad renters ($16 per selected article)

Property managers: Best new trends for pampering your guests ($16 per selected article)


Best vacation destinations for a nature-filled getaway ($32 per selected article)

Best destinations for a family-friendly Spring Break ($28 per selected article)

Benefits of vacationing in the spring ($16 per selected article)

Tips for the eco-friendly traveler ($16 per selected article)

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