Friday, 1 February 2008

Bloggers - Don't Delete, Your Old Posts Could Be Worth $100s

All bloggers know that to succeed you must contantly produce new content. Finding the time, the motivation and the creativity to do this day after day often working very long hours for little financial reward can be demoralising.

We also know that for SEO reasons it can sometimes be necessary to clean up the archives and delete older posts. Hours of work gone forever and even if you keep it who actually reads this long buried content? Does it even generate any revenue at all?

However, it is exactly for the reasons of faltering creativity that this work has value and there is a healthy market for it which can be tapped easily. People are willing to pay good money for your old content for their own sites and you can sell decent quality work over and over again whilst still retaining copyright and the option to continue to use it yourself.

So what are they worth? Blog posts usually sell for between $5 and $30 a piece if they are non-exclusive or 'usage' titles with the average being around the $10 mark. Original 'full rights' work can fetch considerably more but of course you cannot sell previously published work as such. Selling your old posts as usage titles allows you to sell them over and over at an average of $10 a time.

And how do you go about selling them? Of course, the work has to be of decent quality and be appealing to buyers but listing them for sale is simple. I recommend using Constant Content as registration is very simple and completely free. They accept text articles as well as video and picture content. Those of you that are are already writing non-exclusive articles to Helium and Associated Content may reproduce and sell the same work here too.

It's a completely no lose situation. There is no guarantee of a sale but listing costs nothing. Remember this is old work producing little or nothing anymore when it could be earning.

And all you have to do is copy and paste.

Please use this link to register with Constant Content.


Compassioninpolitics said...

Interesting post.

I wonder if there is any risk of duplicate content hurting your Google search results.

Matt D. Barnes said...

I considered this too but then these are older posts that you are otherwise likely to delete for SEO reasons. I wouldn't suggest doing this with your more popular, current content just those that are no longer producing traffic.

mike volpe said...

Matt, this is quite interesting. I am wondering if this applies to me. I have written several pieces that I am proud of regarding my business mortgages. In some ways, they are somewhat timeless. In fact, I try and reference them as often as I can in future works. Is this the sort of thing I can use this tool for? Here is my favorite...