Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Hub Effect

Over the past few weeks I have demonstrated how it is possible to make the most of a portfolio by publishing the same content non-exclusively at various different sites all of which will earn royalty payments.

I recommend publishing at Helium first, then copy and paste the same work at Associated Content (remembering to submit it as non-exclusive) and then offering it for sale with Constant Content (as a usage item).

Today I am introducing you all to a fourth option, HubPages. Again, you retain the copyright of your work so it does not infringe on anywhere you have already chosen to publish it or may choose to do so in the future.

Just as with the other sites royalty payments are based on shared revenue generated by advertisements displayed with your content. There are some differences here which I rather enjoy. You are given 60% of all page impressions with 40% going to the site. You may import your own adsense account if you have one to analyse results. You can also add amazon and ebay and use your own choice of keywords to generate appropriate and attractive ads and share revenue on attained sales.

HubPages also has a community feel similar to that of Digg or Stumble Upon which can be used to your advantage. The site is easy to use to produce attractive results. I set up an account and pasted my 'Love At First Sight' article. I chose 'valentine' as the keyword to select ads from both amazon and ebay and I am pleased with the way it turned out. I have incorporated it into the banner link below so that you may see what can be achieved with little or no technical knowledge.

Above all, it is another site to submit to and earn from the same work you have already produced at no cost.
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